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uzemOur most important field of activity is the classification of the purchased, cleaned, defatted hog casings for enterprises in meat industry. Besides, we process hog chitterlings, hog caps, hog fat-ends and hog stomach.
We also purchase hog casings, beef middles and beef rounds from abroad which we process and sell according to individual needs.
We are connected to some slaughterhouses in the country. Our products are spread out in the whole country area by Böllér Ker Kft. and Böllér Food Kft.
inscaAlongside supplying the meat processing industry with casings, another very significant activity is the collection, preparation and packaging of casings in smaller packages for home use, for seasonal home-made slaughters and for filling sausages at home.
Besides the brined casings in nylon bags, we also pack our products in premium category jars as well.




A honlapon található nevek, képek és leírások a Böllér cégcsoport tulajdonát képezik, ezeknek mindennemű másolása tilos! Bővebben...


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