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Our products are available online:

Bread baking agents: 

Our baking additives meet the bakers’ needs whether they are based on yeast or yeast-free technologies. Our food addiditves based on enzyme technology work very well both in manual and mechanical processing. With our special premixes, such as maize, potato and rye, you can extend your product range. 

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Baking agents for cakes: 

We offer our food additives for any white product and for making of milk-based and water-based doughs.

Bread rolls with soft texture and crunchy crust can be made by using our food additives.

We also recommend our products in production of milk-based dough that help the production processing run smoother, since only flour, water and yeast need to be added, and this provides cost- effective solutions for the bakeries.

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Baking agents for fine cakes: 

We offer our high-quality food additives for making any kind of fine and fortified cakes and bakery products enriched with egg.

In addition, the use of our various mixtures facilitates the manufacturing processes, simplifies the technology and provides cost-effective solutions.

There is a great choice of aromas and flavourings in our product portfolio. Besides, we develop our flavours according to our customers’ requirements.

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Our juice binders bind the juice of any compote and fruit, so the handling of the goods become easier during preparation, baking, slicing, transport and storage.

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Other food additives:

Our company can meet your needs in regard to other products, ranging from ascorbic acid and different types of flour, milk and egg powder and flavourings to additives necessary for healty diet. 


Our products are available online:





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