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1. Natural casings for meat industry

  • Hog casings
  • Beef casings
  • Sheep casings
  • Horse casings

2. Cellulose-based artificial casings, permeable to smoke and water vapour for meat industry

  •   Nojax cellulose casings for frankfurters
  •   Fibrous cellulose casings for dried and semi-dried products

3. Collagen casings permeable to smoke and water vapour

CUTISIN casings

  • Fine edible casings
  • 014 and SPR non-edible casings for dried and semi dried products
  • CRE edible and CRA-L non-edible ring casings
  • EDICOL tubular and flat film

4. Materials for packaging, ham-net and other auxiliary materials
5. Textile casings
6. Packed natural and artificial casings

1. Natural casings for meat industry

Hog casings



  • FAT ENDS (2)
  • STOMACH (4)
  • HAG CAPS (5)
  • BLADDER (6)
  • AFTER-END (7)
In general, hog casings are being used for baked and cooked sausages as well as for dry and cooked products. However, many use them for producing liver and blood sausages. However, many use them for producing liver and blood sausages. These casings can be purchased as classified by diameters and preserved in salty juice. We are able to deliver them as shirred as well.


  • 28/30 (shirred)
  • 30/32
  • 32/34
  • 34/36
  • 36/38
  • 38/40
  • 40/42
  • 42 +

Hog stomach
Pork cheeses, different kind of cheese or products made of tongues are filled into them.

Hog caps
Applications: smoked dry salami, pork cheese

Hog fat ends
This is the second part of the hog chitterlings. Hog fat ends are moderately smooth and generally used for liver and large caliber sausages.
Calibres are available as follows:

  • Tied (40-50 cm)


  • 60-65 cm sow (D50/60
  • 60 +
  • 80 +
  • 125 +
  • 160 +

Hog chitterlings
For preparing sausages, liver and blood sausages


Beef casings



  • BEEF CAPS (3)

Beef rounds

The usage of beef rounds is very versatile for example for liver and blood sausages and ham salami. Available calibres are:
  • 37/40
  • 40/43
  • 43/46
  • 46/49

Beef middles

This is the thinner part of chitterling from vent to cap. They are mainly used for salami and liver sausages. Available calibres are:
  •   45/50
  •   50/55
  •   55/60
  •   60+

Beef Caps

  •   120/130

Sheep casings

Sheep casings are mainly used in wiener, frankfurter and debreceni sausages.
  • 22/24 AA
  • 22/24 AA shirred on hard or soft tubes, even overlapped
  • 22/24 A
  • 22/24 A shirred on hard or soft tubes, even overlapped
  • Other calibres can be ordered as well.
Applications: for frankfurter and grill sausages

Horse casings

  • 60/65

2. Cellulose-based artificial casings permeable to smoke and water vapour for meat industry



NOJAX cellophane frankfurter casing



Due to cellulose raw material it can be smoked or printed per request. It makes filling safe and trouble free both with the automatic and hand-operated filling machines. They are sold in a form of shirred stick but also can be purchased in easy-peel version. Calibre: 12-38

FIBROUS casings for dried products



Special cellulose-based and impregnated paper is applied for manufacturing FIBROUS casings that maintains the fixed calibre, the strong wall and the permeability of smoke and water vapour.
We recommend its application for dried goods, especially cooked, semi-dried goods. They can be pealed easily, therefore suggested for sliced products. We deliver them in rolled, shirred or printed form per request. You can buy them with easy-peel and cohesion (SL) treatment. Several colours are available. Calibre: 36-170

3. Collagen casings permeable to smoke and water vapour

It is made of collagen gel by processing the skin of beef or hog.
Our company is representing Cutisin S.r.o. on the Hungarian market


Edible casing for frankfurters and heat-treated grill sausages
Straight:     Calibre 16-36
Colours:    Clear, Caramel, Salmon, Smoke and Dark
Finishing:    Open-end, Closed-end

014 and SPR casings for dried and semi dried products:

Non-edible, cooking and non-cooking version, calibre: 35-120


CRE edible and CRA-L non-edible ring casings:

CRE - For smoked meat processed using heat treatment as well as for dried or fermented products.
CRA-L - For dried sausage specialities and for cooked and semi-dry sausage.



EDICOL Collagen film:
Suitable for the production of heat processed or fermented meat products. Available netted as well.
EDICOL-T Tubular:
Calibre: 60-150
Colour: Clear, Smoke and Dark

EDICOL-S collagen film in reels
Width:    40,48,58,61 cm
Colour: Clear, Brown

3. Materials for fat packaging, ham-nettings and other auxiliary materials

  • Plastic bucket
    • 1,2 litre
    • 2,3 litre
    • 3,0 litre
    • 5,6 litre
  • Carton for storing fat
    • 395x240x230 mm (normal)
    • 395x300x260 mm (large)
  • Sack for storing fat
  • Hook-loops
  • Ham-netting
    • 14/2
    • 16/2
    • 18/2 
    • 24/2

5. Textile casings

It is intended for developing new cooked, smoked or dried product range at the meat industries. They are sawn by hand, vary in form and colour, printed version is also available.

6. Packed natural and artificial casings

These products are made for home slaughtering, to produce sausages and salamis, etc.
  • Packed natural casings

Hog runners

  • 100 yard commercial bucket
  • 10 m packed, commercial
  • 20 m packed, commercial
  • 10 m boxed, commercial
  • 20 m packed premium grade
  • 20 m boxed, premium grade
  • 100 m packed, classified,
  • 42+ 20 m packed
  • 42+ 40 m packed

Hog chitterlings

  • 5 m packed
  • nachend

Other kind of hog casings:

  • Hog caps 2 pcs/p.
  • Hog fat end 125+
  • Hog fat end 60+
  • Hog fat end 80+
  • Hog fat end sow
  • Hog fat end commercial
  • Hog bladder, dried (pork cheese)
  • Hog stomach
  • Beef rounds:
  • 10 m packed from import
  • Beef  middles
  • Beef middles, packed commercial, 5 m
  • Beef middles, packed classified
  • Horse casing
  • 5 m packed
  • Packed artificial casings and ham nettings:
  • Collagen D40 10 m packed
  • Collagen D45 10 m packed
  • Collagen D50 10 m packed
  • Collagen D65 10 m packed
  • Collagen D50 ready-made, cut (60 cm)
  • Fibrous D50 clear
  • Fibrous D50 visnat
  • Fibrous D50 clear and visnat ready-made, cut (60 cm)
  • Fibrous D50 mahogany
  • Fibrous D50 mould patterned
  • Fibrous D65 colourless
  • Fibrous D65 visnat
  • Fibrous D65 clear and visnat, cut (60 cm)
  • Fibrous D95 visnat 2 m/rolled (for pig-cheese)
  • Fibrous D110 clear 2 m/rolled (for pig-cheese)
  • Fibrous D110 clear, cut (50 cm)
  • Ham nettings 16,24  1m/package




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