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For maintaining and strengthening our good reputation in food industry, we consider the compliance with the relating law (acts and decrees) and rules regulating our activity as our first-rate object, and we pay extra attention to the safe production of food, thus working under HACCP food safety system.



We steadily improve our production and hygienic procedures; we apply the best possible environmental-friendly technologies, safe food additives and treatments.
We make efforts to establish a mutual, good partnership with all of our suppliers and subcontractors.
The leaders of our company play an exemplary and initiative role in the operation and the continuous improvement of the quality management system according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard; we reckon familiarization and realization of the quality policy and its objectives with our staff as one of our main tasks.




A honlapon található nevek, képek és leírások a Böllér cégcsoport tulajdonát képezik, ezeknek mindennemű másolása tilos! Bővebben...


Böllér-Ker Kft.
8500 Pápa
Külső Veszprémi út 40.

Tel.: +36-89/512-596