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1991. Establishment of the company
Böllér Kft. started its natural casing processing activity in Pápa situated in county Veszprém, West of Hungary, involving both the area of meat industry and retail.
1993. Setting up a new, modern casing processing plant in Pápa, simultaneously starting the distribution of artificial casings
1995 Böllér Kft. begins to sell herbs and spices for meat industries
1997 EU permission for export of casings to the EU-markets

fuszeruzem2000 Spice mixture family for domestic slaughtering comes out, honoured with a novelty price at FOODAPEST exhibition and with a trademark of „Excellent Hungarian Food” for the product family
2001 Böllér Kft. is the third most important supplier for Hungarian meat industry
2003 A new spice processing plant and office building is handed over, the branch of spices for gastronomy industry is set up, spices with own Böllér brand come out, production of spice mixtures for meat industry

2005 „Varázspác” marinade appears in the market

2006 Böllér Kft. becomes the second largest spice distributor for gastronomy industry in Hungary, appearance of Uncle Laci’s spice collection, and Uncle Laci’s confectionary collection under the brand name of Czukivaniliapudingpor

2009 We had achieved significant success both the area of casings and spices.
January 1st, 2009 – there was a meaningful change in the life of the company.
Four new companies were formed as successors of the main company, based on their scopes of activity, while Böllér Kft. still exists:
  •  Böllér Bélfeldolgozó Kft.
  •  Böllér Fűszer Kft.
  •  Böllér-Ker Kft.
  •  Böllér Food Kft.



A honlapon található nevek, képek és leírások a Böllér cégcsoport tulajdonát képezik, ezeknek mindennemű másolása tilos! Bővebben...


Böllér-Ker Kft.
8500 Pápa
Külső Veszprémi út 40.

Tel.: +36-89/512-596